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Apple ‘iPhone Slide Pro’ Is The New Concept iPhone with dual screens

iPhone Slide Pro

The new iPhone concept named “iPhone Slide Pro” is being rumored for the last couple of days now. According to the design concept posted by famous leakers suggested that Apple iPhone Slide Pro will have dual screens one on top of another which can be slid on both sides right and left as well.

According to the video published, iPhone Slide Pro exhibits a triple rear camera which is placed vertically on the side of below screen as it can be seen in the video.

The second most important feature unveiled in the design concept tells us that the phone slides over and unveils another screen underneath it, which helps in doing, initializing and completing various other tasks simultaneously while watching the video on the main screen.

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Some of the commentators have classed this design concept as poor, due to their inability to see what they can do with this phone, the most importantly this design concept can serve as two mobile phones, it can also be called two-in-one because of its ability to perform various tasks simultaneously. It is still rumored, and not confirmed that Apple would finally come with this concept design, however, if it does, it would be the most innovative iPhone to date. Watch for more updates in the future and stay connected.

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