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Apple is Reportedly Working on Augmented Reality Content for its TV+ Shows

According to a report published by Bloomberg, a US-based technology company Apple plans to introduce the Augmented Reality (AR) content on its Apple TV+ streaming service next year.

As per the details of the plan, the characters or objects from the TV shows could be integrated into the users’ environment through a mobile device or tablet as Blue-Ray-like bonus content.

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The aim reported by the trillion-dollar company is to not only add value to its TV+ streaming service but boost the interest in the Augmented Reality (AR) technology before the launching of the long-rumoured headset, supposedly in 2022.

As an example of the Augmented Reality (AR) content cited by the media company, while watching a moon-walking scene in the Apple show “For All Mankind”, you might see a virtual lunar rover appear on your device’s display, seemingly settled on the living room coffee table.

It is pertinent to mention here that this feature was supposed to be launched later this year, but the company could not make it due to the outbreak of the novel coronavirus pandemic that affected the production of software and content.

It is not very difficult to assume that the company is trying to boost the popularity of TV+ by bundling the content like a rumoured fitness app or Arcade and News+ in a subscription called Apple One. The Augmented Reality (AR) could be another added bonus which would also be a nice feature for the educational programs.

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