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Apple website’s latest update made product research handier

Apple has made some changes to its website that make it easier to use. With the latest update to the website, it’s now easier to find products and services displayed on the website.

The update is limited to the menu at the top of the screen instead of the whole page. Although the update has made its way to all versions of the website, Apple stores, and web browsers as well,

In previous versions of the website, when you clicked on a specific section or category, different devices that were available would pop up related to that category. However, in the latest version, by clicking on a category, you’ll see text-only names of available products along with details and specifications of the product.

The icons on the website were clearly visible. With the labelling of each image, the results were becoming redundant. Every product’s name is now visible in a larger font that is much clearer and allows for more efficient product checking in this latest update.

Users are no longer required to learn about the product, whether it is a laptop or a desktop. If you are familiar with the device’s name, you can access the information and product display on the website immediately.

The products will be categorized under their respective categories in the most recent update. So, for example, in the “Mac” section, you can find all Mac products, as well as comparison details, why you chose this product, and how to explore Mac.

The Explore Mac option will take you to a page with a summary of all the products explained one by one, along with an old icon for moving onto different devices.

More categories make the website more interesting, with each section titled “More from Mac” or “More from iPad,” and so on. Each category contains support links, and a major privacy guidance link is available in the category.

The support section of the website is divided into three sections. The first one provides product support. The second one is a “Get Help” section along with online forum discussion, and the last one is about helpful topics that address common concerns, such as about Apple ID and password.

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