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Apps can be streamed to ChromeOS via Google’s cross-device service

During the CES 2023, Google announced the Cross-Device service app. Thankfully, the feature is now available. This feature is quite useful as it helps with the cross-collaboration between Chromebooks and Android devices. Using this feature, apps can be directly accessed on Chromebooks from Android devices. So, when a user will be busy there will no longer be the requirement of accessing your smartphone.

Although the feature has been announced still it is not widely available across devices. However, some pixel users already have a taste of this feature. Since the Cross-Device service app that comes with Google Pixel devices. Well, this feature is not restricted to Pixel devices only. It can be found on other devices as well provided they run Android 13. Such devices can access this feature from the Google Play Store.

Once you have installed the app on your smartphone, just go to the Phone Hub section on your Chromebook. You will see a small phone icon presented on the right-hand side of the taskbar. Make sure that your smartphone and Chromebook are connected via the Cross-Device service app. If this is not the case, just go to settings, and click on connected devices. Select Chromebook from the list of connections. Followed by this, turn on the apps that show up on the list. In this way, you can stream apps on Chromebooks.

All features and functions of the app will be accessible on Chromebook as well. This indicates that app streaming will utilize the camera, microphone, and speakers of the Chromebook while streaming the Android device’s apps. As of now, the company is rolling out the feature in form of a system update to Chromebooks.

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