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Arc: an open-source app for file sharing

If you are searching for a file-sharing platform, then we have one for you. Arc is one of the open-source as well as cross-platform file-sharing apps. However, do note that Arc is currently in beta. In addition to this, the app is available free of cost. While the app is in beta that is why some users could have a staggering experience. However, during the testing phase, some reported a fairly stable version.

The file-sharing app Arc is available across Android, iOS, macOS as well as Windows. This makes it quite easy to share files across various platforms. Although, this app is not the first of its kind. Rather, it is among the best open-source apps.

Coming to how the app works. As soon as the app is opened, it finds the nearby devices having the app installed. However, if no device is discovered users still have the option of finding one by scanning the QR code. Once a device is detected, the user can begin the sharing process. Just select the files you want to share, and accept them on the connected device. The file will be shared. The app Arc is capable of transferring files at 12-30MB/s on WiFi, and up to 45MB/s on the hotspot. The app has no restrictions for file sizes.

One thing to notice here is that users can share any kind of file. It could be photos, videos, and documents like PDFs and photoshop files. Furthermore, file-sharing is protected with industry-standard TLS encryption in transit. Besides this, the app is not supported for the Material You theme. However, it is presented with a dark mode.

The developers of the device have mentioned that the app will be available for free in the future. They added that the users would be provided with ads free experience.

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