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Astro Slide is a powerful reminder of BlackBerry


Planet Computers is proceeding to construct exceptionally special physical keyboard cell phones with the dispatch of its most recent leader, the crowdfunded Astro Slide. It’s a telephone with shockingly hearty specs, yet the key stunt is that it tends to be utilized either as a standard 6.53-inch touchscreen cell phone or as a PDA, on account of the “RockUp” slide pivot mechanism.

The pivot permits you to slide the screen off of the console, at that point flip it up so you can utilize it like a small PC. A full (though minor) physical QWERTY keyboard is then uncovered so you can tap messages or do efficiency chores. When completed, you can slide the screen back and answer calls or drop it in your pocket. That contrasts from the Cosmo Communicator, a hinge-only clamshell telephone with a little rear screen that lets you answer calls with the case shut.

Regardless of whether a telephone or PDA, the Astro Slide looks really ground-breaking. It packs Android 10 and will have double boot Linux ability not far off. Inside, there’s a MediaTek Dimensity 1000 chipset with worked in 5G with “twice the performance of other 5G chipsets with significantly reduced power consumption,” the company said. It additionally offers a 48-megapixel back camera, a front selfie camera, 6GB of RAM, an eSIM opening (on two nano-SIM spaces) and 128GB of storage expandable by means of a MicroSD slot.

The Astro Slide notices back to the greatness long periods of BlackBerry PDA efficiency while conveying all the advantages of a normal cell phone (though in a lot thicker bundle). The main warning is that it’s being crowdfunded on Indiegogo, where exceptionally touted items regularly go to kick the bucket. The Astro Slide propelled today at a beginning cost of $491, with transportation assessed for March of 2021.

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