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Asus Working On Windows 11 Support For Older Motherboards


It looks a bit as if the last word has not yet been said when it comes to the system requirements of the upcoming Microsoft Windows 11 operating system. Asus is currently testing configurations beyond the Redmond specifications.

For the hardware manufacturer, it should actually be helpful if as many users as possible need new hardware in order to be able to use Windows 11. However, it is of course also an important image project when a company like Asus stands up for its existing customers and wants to expand its scope first. That can then be booked as an investment in the future.

It is at least clear that the company is currently trying to expand support for Windows 11. That Microsoft is basically ready to be talked about here is already shown by the fact that the Redmond-based company has already expanded the list of supported hardware. Some 7th generation Intel CPUs were added, which made at least some flagship products such as the Surface Studio 2 and Dell Precision upgradeable.

Tests with different motherboards

Asus is now also working on getting more motherboards with Intel CPUs of the 7th and 6th generation somehow into support. With the MAXIMUS IX FORMULA, you already meet the requirements after a BIOS update, so that something else could come here, as a report by WindowsLatest shows. The STRIX Z270F GAMING is currently in beta testing with the same update.

That would mean that Microsoft’s previous requirements will be postponed a bit. The last word should of course lie with Microsoft and the crux of the matter seems to be the existence of the TPM 2.0 chip on the boards – which is not included in all cases. For the users, however, there is at least the happy news that it would currently be excessive to order a new computer because the current one is not yet on the official support list.