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Microsoft Teams Introduces New Feature To Delete Chat Messages

Microsoft Teams

This month, Microsoft Teams is to get a new feature for improved moderation in chats. Supervisors can then remove messages from the chat history. Initially, the option for users in the education sector should start.

As with most software products, Microsoft also updates Teams regularly and launches new features and improvements. Now the company appears to be working on a new feature that will allow “chat supervisors” to delete messages in teams.

Microsoft will soon allow “supervisors” to delete messages

This emerges from a report in the online magazine MSPowerUser. Microsoft is therefore working on further options for moderating chats. So far, little has been learned about the exact implementation of the function. So far, the delete option has only appeared as a point in the roadmap for teams. It says that the development of the option to delete messages from the history has been completed and the rollout will begin this month.

Microsoft Teams Roadmap

The function is on the Teams product roadmap in the “In Development” status. Microsoft has hardly given any details so far but says that it will offer this function to administrators so that they can remove inappropriate or off-topic discussions in a “Teams chat“. Microsoft also points out that this feature was designed with education in mind, but that it will be extended to all flavors of Teams around the world, including desktop, mobile, DoD, and GCC High.

It remains to be seen how this implementation will be carried out. Presumably, the other Teams users will see an indication that a message has been deleted by an authorized person to ensure that the context is not lost and the likelihood of miscommunication is lower. Microsoft Teams is currently widespread in many areas, not least because of the corona pandemic, including in companies, education, the private sector, and government. Microsoft is aware of the importance of teams and has started to integrate it into Windows 11 at the operating system level as well.

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