‘Ban Huawei’ Propaganda Begins by US Government


According to the news reports the US government has started propaganda against the Huawei phones and other equipment. The government has started requesting its allies not to use Huawei phones due to security issues.

Furthermore, the government has also decided to provide subsidies to those who stop using Huawei products and equipment. In this regard, the US government has met with Japanese, German and Italian officials. Financial incentives are offered to them so that they ban Huawei.

The US has already banned Huawei equipment and has prohibited the retail stores on the military areas from selling the Huawei phones.

But still, the US government is not satisfied. The government fears that the military bases overseas using Huawei equipment are also vulnerable to security breaches. The fear has increased after the advent of 5G technology.

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The background of this issue goes years back but recently the trade war between USA and China has added fuel to the fire.

Even though Huawei has repeatedly claimed that it is independent of any clashes and the cold war between the two superpowers, the intelligence agencies of USA believe that Chinese government is using Huawei equipment to spy on the government officials.

As of yet one of the US ally, Australia has banned Huawei and chances are that other countries will follow suit.

Huawei in a statement said,  “If a government’s behavior extends beyond its jurisdiction such activity should not be encouraged.”