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Before Android and iOS, Twitter for the web receives a significant timeline feature

How good it will be if Twitter remembers your default timeline setting?

Well, this is going to be possible in the near future. Since the platform is ready to incorporate the timeline feature for its web app. The feature will arrive on the web version before arriving on Android and iOS. In simpler words, if any user sets up the setting of the account’s Following timeline as default, he will be presented with similar tweets every time the app is opened.

Recently, Elon Musk announced that this feature will soon be introduced. However, as per our expectations, the feature is arriving on the web version first rather than on Android or iOS. We can anticipate that soon the feature will be released for Android and iOS versions of the app. As of now, the users on Android and iOS apps of Twitter are presented with For You option whenever they open the app. They have the For You tab set as default. So when the app is opened the users are shown the tweets in the For You tab rather than the Following tab.

Well, if we consider the difference between the two tabs it is evident that For You tab is presented with the algorithmic view. Thus, indicating that users are presented with the tweets that they might be interested in as per the algorithm. On the other hand, the following timeline presents the users with date-wise tweets from the people they follow. Many users refer to this timeline. Since they want to be updated with the latest information that concerns them.

Notably, the platform is receiving several features every now and then. Soon, the platform will receive a feature that will enable the translation of tweets from other languages automatically. In addition to this, users could also manage their timeline tabs soon.

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