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Benefits of Outsourcing Teleradiology Services

Teleradiology services

If you think that cost-saving opportunity is the only driving force behind outsourcing teleradiology services, then you are mistaken. Accelerated service, security, accuracy are some of the crucial benefits that are motivating healthcare organizations in the US to outsource about 90% of their radiology services to offshore vendors. Here’s a detailed look into the benefits you can gain by outsourcing teleradiology services to qualified vendors.

Accelerated diagnosesTeleradiology services expedite the process of securing images that aid doctors to analyze and initiate treatment accordingly within a shorter span of time. Radiology images are conveyed through the Internet that triggers a faster interpretation process as the final reports are relayed to doctors in no time. This service is of particular benefit for hospitals that register higher number of patients with critical conditions.

Better scrutiny to ensure accuracy Teleradiology service providers with an eye on detail assigns a second layer of scrutiny following the initial interpretation of the images by a member of their radiologist team. The review of every single image done by two experts ensure that there are no gaps in the quality, thereby complying with the stated quality assurance guidelines.

Better security Outsourcing teleradiology services to qualified vendors will help you to address your concerns about ensuring compliance to the regulatory standards. Vendors stay abreast of the dynamism of the regulatory standards and are aware of the details of HIPAA privacy rules and regulations. This awareness makes it compulsory for them to leverage secure and private platforms and processes to ensure no breach of compliance.

Round-the-clock availability Outsourcing teleradiology services to offshore vendors would mean a continuous access to a dedicated service provider at different time zones. This results in the round the clock availability of experts to analyze radiology reports and thereby, keeping the diagnoses process seamless and continuous. Offshoring this service will also open access to radiologists who are available to cater to your call during the night. This not only minimizes the chances of error but with outsourcing teleradiology services, the TAT is also reduced to a great extent, as their services can be availed during weekend or any holiday.

Cost-saving opportunities Healthcare organizations, private practitioners have gained significant cost savings by outsourcing teleradiology services to offshore vendors. They get an access to the services on a round-the-clock basis at cost-effective rates. This negates the need to establish and maintain an in-house team to execute these services which has always been a costly proposition for healthcare organizations. They save costs on travel as the images are relayed to any location via teleradiology. This also eliminates the overhead expenses on printing and packing the images.

Parting note:

While the benefits of outsourcing teleradiology services are numerous, it is essential that healthcare organizations factor in certain parameters when choosing a service provider to make the most of this service. Provision of reports in real-time, necessary certifications, ability to customize in accordance with clients’ needs is some of the parameters that a service provider must meet before being considered as a partner to provide teleradiology services.

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