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Best apps to find new music


It would be challenging to find a person who doesn’t love music and, with the evolution of the internet, it’s become so effortless to listen to what you love. Now, within a few minutes, you can find a customized playlist to serve as the perfect background music to just about any activity; workouts, cooking, painting, gaming, writing an article about music apps, you name it.

In this article, we’ll give you the top five best apps to find new music when streaming, downloading, or browsing.

Best Apps to Find New Music

Let’s jump right into it and help you find the perfect app for all of your music needs!


Spotify is the best app to find new music on the market now, with millions of people connected to it at any given time. You can find almost anything on their platform, from current chart-toppers to opera to anime soundtracks to nursery rhymes. You can also download your music to listen to offline, and there are plenty of playlists that they customize for you to make sure you always have access to new stuff.


Apple Music

While it may seem a bit redundant to pay monthly for a music platform when there are so many free music streaming apps, it might be worth it in the case of Apple Music. Not only do they have an extensive music database, but they also have a wide variety of music radio stations and programs hosted by a few very famous faces (Frank Ocean, Drake, and Pharrell, to name a few).


SoundCloud’s main attraction is the ease at which people can upload their music. This has given it a reputation for being the place to experience music in its rawest and most unprocessed form. You are given the unique opportunity to discover artists or bands years before they manage to score that record deal that shoots them onto the commercial scene. SoundCloud users can also buy more downloads to increase their online visibility. 

YouTube Music

More people listen to music on YouTube every day than all other music apps combined. YouTube realized the potential that they were wasting and created a premium service that allows you to stream your music ad-free, offline, and screen locked. Considering the unfathomable depths of their music library, this service is worth a look at the very least.


While Shazam is not a music-streaming app per se, it does deserve to be mentioned on this list because it serves a vital function. It addresses that burning question that you ask yourself when you’re at a bar, or in a clothing store, or even sitting at home watching a movie: “What is that song?” Shazam listens to a few seconds of the song, identifies it (with near-perfect accuracy), and then gives you a few options to save or stream the song on other platforms.

If only life were a musical!

We’ve all had those moments in life that just needed the perfect backing track set to them to make them unforgettable. And now, with the internet being what it is, finding your perfect theme song has never been easier.