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What is the best current SEO strategy? A balanced approach

Best seo strategy

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SEO, as we know it today, is getting more and more complicated with recent developments by Google and its changing algorithms. But the question remains the same what is the best current SEO strategy, Digital Marketers and Webmasters have to become more conscious about their SEO strategies because it is surprisingly incorporating rapid change. There are many voices out there that have a difference of opinion when it comes to SEO strategy but what would be the best strategy that could serve you best while going through the change process. Here are a few things to watch over for your SEO strategy.

Guest blogging

Guest blogging is being under strict surveillance, its value is being demeaned by the actions of spammers. Matt Cutts of Google says

“ Guest blogging for getting links is tending to be more and more spammy these days”

He further added there would be no-follow links in all guest blogging and also criticized some people for buying/selling back-links, bashed spammy article submission sites and declared that the future of guest blogging particularly for getting back-links would see a great disaster. If you have this weapon of “guest blogging for link building” in your SEO arsenal then reconsider your SEO strategy it may not fire on the battlefield.

SEO is dying or being diversified?

Due to the changes in search engine algorithms, many web owners saw an immense decline in their search ranking and it’s getting worse if you still stick to the older SEO strategy. But according to the article on SEO book that said many prophesiers on the internet are trying poise  the irregularities in current SEO practices they all say the same thing;

  • Links are dead
  • Forget links get social likes, +1’s, RT’s, and so on
  • Guest posting is dead
  • Infographics are dead
  • SEO is dead

None of that is true but when folks try to become prognosticators they will just keep saying the same thing over and over, with some slight re-framing, until they finally get it right.

Although many websites saw a decline in their search rankings SEO is still alive. According to Search Engine Land,

“SEO is very much alive. It’s just getting ripped-apart limb from limb, organ-by-organ, and transplanted as living tissue into various branches of marketing, development and IT departments.”

So the main idea is that SEO is not dying but being diversified.

The balanced approach

Because of the recent developments and future projections, digital marketers should not solely depend on organic search traffic. if you mainly depend upon search engine traffic then you put yourself in speculative endangerment. Diversifying your traffic channels would give you an advantage and keep you going with future developments. There are some best seo courses to make money our there to help you in this regard as well.

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Diversified SEO strategy  

Your SEO strategy should not stick to the link building or blogging for organic search improvement rather than it should cover all the available alternatives for increasing web traffic.


Focus on the following on-page optimization

  • Optimizing web server
  • Web design (responsive, user-friendly)
  • Internal linking (strong internal links)
  • On-page HTML (HTML & Text diversification)
  • User Experience (enhance user experience)
  • Content creation (Quality content for website)
  • Architecture

1- Guest blogging

  • Avoid posting on spammy article submission websites for getting backlinks
  • Make your own blogs and create quality content
  • Link those blogs in the footer back to your parent website
  • Guest posts on high-quality websites with no-follow links

2- Social media

3- PPC

4- Email List

  • Make use of your email list focusing on getting traffic

5-   Offline

  • Do some offline marketing to increase traffic
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