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Best Gaming Crypto Coins to Buy in 2023

Crypto-coin is an in-game cryptocurrency for a specific game. You can use in-game coins for purchasing in-game things, characters, and weapons, among other things. Players can earn cryptocurrencies by performing actions. Non-exchangeable tokens (NFT) of these games can also be used

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Mobox (MBOX)

Mobox is a blockchain platform for creating P2E games and game components. An NFT shop is built in, where you can sell and buy game objects. It plans to launch its full-fledged meta-universe, where users can play, communicate, exchange assets, and earn money.

The developers believe that the current representatives of the blockchain game industry have several drawbacks – in particular, weak user experience, for example, the difficulty for newcomers. This is a problem Mobox intends to address, as well as adding DeFi. components and other features. 


FTX is a fast-growing cryptocurrency exchange with support for spot market trading, as well as a huge variety of unique derivatives and securities.

The platform was launched in May 2019 and quickly rose to the top in terms of trading volume, earning a high reputation and credibility in the community. FTX allows trading in the most popular cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin, and is quick to add emerging projects such as DeFi tokens.

 Key features of the FTX exchange:

  • FTX is rapidly attracting new users due to the variety of products available, including tokens for margin trading, Bitcoin Volatility Contracts (MOVE), Bitcoin Hash Rates Futures (HASH), cryptocurrency stock market trading, and so on.
  • FTX targets both retail and institutional investors. For the latter, it has its own over-the-counter (OTC) platform, where traders make large orders with minimal impact on the price of the asset.
  • You can access the FTX trading platform through its website or its official mobile apps for iOS and Android.
  • Fiat Currency Transfers – FTX allows its users to transfer fiat currencies, including the US Dollar (USD), Euro (EUR), Australian Dollar (AUD), Canadian Dollar (CAD), and Pound Sterling (GBP).
  • Leverage up to 101x – With deep order books, FTX can allow traders to trade leveraged and thereby increase their profit potential. Leverage of 100x means that a 1% change in bitcoin price could result in a 100% change in balance, up or down, for example, a potential doubling or loss of assets. The exchange initially limits leverage on all accounts to 10x as a precautionary measure for inexperienced traders.
  • Fast conversion – FTX allows you to quickly convert cryptocurrencies and staple coins right in your wallet without having to go to the market to make transactions.
  • Institutional level service – FTX has some distinguishing features, including deep liquidity, unlimited withdrawals, liquidation fund, and OTC division, making its service attractive to larger investors.
  • Advanced Support – FTX offers a wide range of resources designed to facilitate user interaction with the exchange and help users understand complex derivatives instruments.
  • Low trade commissions, hourly funding, and robust insurance policies.


A new game project called Calvaria is attracting new users. And it’s not just about P2E mechanics or NFT characters. This card game is supposed to solve the main problem of blockchain games – the lack of a large player base. And the way the developers have chosen is unconventional.

Calvaria will be released in two versions – P2E and F2P. The first one will operate according to the “play to earn money” principle, the second one will be free. According to the developers, there are two key reasons why gamers who are used to regular free-to-play games rarely switch and stay on P2E for long:

Players cannot experience all the delights of the game without paying money. Often, even just to start a game, you have to buy local tokens or in-game items, which are not cheap.

Players lack the necessary skills – particularly how to use a cryptocurrency wallet.

The free version will allow you to evaluate all the possibilities and make an informed decision.


  • The free version of the game;
  • Opportunity to interact with NFT;
  • Possibility to buy the token at a discount.


RobotEra is a crypto construction game where users play as NFT robots, each with their continent, and plenty of opportunities to develop it as well as earn money.

In a fictional meta-virtual universe with a Taro planet, players can create their games, have concerts, complete quests, and earn rewards for doing so.

The platform has its token, $TARO, which can be mined within the game and receive rewards for doing so.

The main advantages of the project are:

  • Mining the platform’s token – $TARO for rewards in the form of them;
  • Large built-in functionality to work with the character;
  • Rewards for exploring new terrains and completing quests;
  • Transparent and honest transactions within the meta-class universe;
  • The lowest price at presale;
  • Similar to the Sandbox project, which attracts not only traders who are into crypto-gaming, but also those who are fans of Sandbox.

Battle Infinity

Battle Infinity offers crypto games with the Play to Earn concept. That is, play to earn. The platform combines them with blockchain and a meta-universe. Which allows for a decentralized experience for users. Along with the right to own in-game items in the ecosystem. Transparency and increased security allow players to worry about nothing and enjoy the gameplay.

The key features of Battle Infinity are as follows:

  • Auto-delivery. Provides income in the form of dividends on locked tokens.
  • Autoliquidity. Liquidity is automatically added to the pool, thus stabilizing the price of tokens.
  • Auto tax. The fee charged for transactions. While the money received is used by the developers to optimize the project, the amount of commission is relatively small. This allows players not to spend all of their earnings only on commissions.
  • Anti-Dump. Due to this feature, the user does not have to worry about high selling pressure on tokens. This allows for the protection of capital.


Are cryptocurrency gaming coins worth investing in?

Cryptocurrency gaming coins are among the most active on the market. They are indeed working on some interesting ideas that could revolutionize an already significant industry. The amount of funding coming into the space is proof that this is the case, and this funding will only increase over time.

Of course, space is still at an early stage and a lot can happen between now and then, including regulation. As a result, you should thoroughly research and learn about the fundamentals of each game’s currency and token before investing.

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