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Best Tips to Converge Organic Social Media Audience

Organic Social Media Audience

Social media has become an important marketing mode and companies are using it for accessing their customers. The presence of a number of people on social media makes it an affective platform to display your products and engage your audience. Getting organic social media audience isn’t as easy as it was in the past. The latest update of facebook has increased the competition a lot while the requirements of getting more visibility have also changed. Facebook states that over 40 million small business pages are active on facebook and these companies daily update their products and add blogs to access more audience. The number shows how much competition has increased and it’s not easy to show your presence in the customer’s newsfeed.

Before mentioning the tips to increase your organic social media audience, I will explain the criteria of facebook for showing the post in the newsfeed.

Organic Social Media Audience

  • How often you interact with the audience
  • Number of comments, likes, and shares
  • How recently the post was published
  • How often the person visits the page
  • The number of times it’s being hidden or marked spam by the users

Create Profile or Page that Looks Genuine

People judge your professionalism from your profile or page. Don’t ignore it as poorly presented page faisl to grab the attention of viewers. Upload relevant cover photos, add bio, and write aim of your company. On twitter, you are required to add 160-character bio while Facebook lets you add location, complete information of the brand, and website link. Add as many fields as you can because it builds the customer’s trust. Share updates and add images of your recent activities. Make interesting posts rather mentioning the specifications in a boring manner.

Share Quality Content

Only quality content helps you in getting organic social media audience. The meaning of quality content isn’t confined to informative content but it also includes factors like infographic, videos, blogs, interactive images, and impressive titles. It will help you to target your audience and reach the maximum audience as quality content is liked and shared by many maximum viewers. There are many online and free of cost plugins available which you can use for making catchy titles and customized images. Read the article to make your blog post effective.

Give a Human Touch                                                       

No matter how high-quality image you add in the post, it will not impact as positively as a human image can impacts. Human touch in the profile leave a long lasting impression on the mind and people considers you more reliable as well. Post images of your staff, workers, and stakeholders. Give quick replies to the comments, answer to the queries of the people, and ask a question from the audience. To increase the customers’ engagement, you can give them small gift hampers or vouchers.


Cross-Promote Your Social Accounts

Don’t rely on one social media channel. Try to use them simultaneously and make potential customers on all channels. It’s not difficult at all. Almost all social media channels let you share your posts and links on other social media channel. If your Facebook audience gives an avid response to your posts then ask them to follow you on twitter and Instagram as well.

Join Different Groups and Chats

Join different groups and chats to show presence. Participate in different forums and follow others on twitter. Be part of engaging discussions and avoid offensive comments on others posts. Show friendly behavior and be courteous. Don’t get offensive on negative comments and avoid deleting comments with criticism. Try to show the positive features of your brands in a well-mannered way. You can also create your own group, invite your friends, and potential customers to it.

Publish Videos Natively on Facebook

Facebook introduced auto-playing feature that remarkably increased the number of views on videos. Short and informative videos leave a deep impact while people readily play them as short videos aren’t time-consuming. Native videos get more views as people want to know about it. You can also pin a video on your page or group so maximum people can view it even after many days of its post.

Check Your Posting Frequency

A long delay in the posts is a major reason of lack of interest of your audience. 2-3 posts per day increase audience engagement and your visibility in the newsfeed. Only add high-quality content with attractive titles and taglines. Schedule your posts for different timings as posting all posts at once isn’t a good idea and you can’t garner organic social media audience by using this tactic. Similarly, you can test your page frequency and analyze the best posting time and interest of your audience. Many renowned companies like Adobe Digital Index, TechCrunch, and New York Times increased organic audience by increasing the frequency of the posts.

Organic Social Media Audience

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