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Samsung Note 7 explosion leads to a lawsuit

Note 7 explosion

The case of Samsung Note 7 battery problem is the latest disaster in the tech industry. It made the company recall all its phones. The move to overstep Apple iPhone 7 and establish a name in the market turned costly to the company. Now, Samsung is under a lawsuit by a man in Florida for causing him burns because of the Note 7 explosion.

Note 7 explosion lands Samsung in a lawsuit

Samsung Electronics is being sued by the man for  second degree burns caused by Note 7 explosion. The lawsuit is by Jonathan Strobel from the United States against the South Korean tech giant. The victim claims that the phone caught fire in the front pocket of his pants leading to burns on his legs and thumb. The victims hand were burnt when he tried removing the phone from his pocket.

Jonathan Strobel claims that his phone on September 9th. This comes a day after Samsung recalled its Note 7 over faulty battery leading to explosion. Reuters report that after its release Samsung Note 7 has received 92 reports of battery overheating and 26 reports of burns only in the United States. 55 reports are claiming for property damage, the safety regulatory authority said.

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Samsung did issue recall announcements for Note 7 but the process is very slow. 130000 units of the Note 7 have been returned and around 1 million have been sold. More than 85% of the Samsung Note 7 units are still out there in the market.

The lawsuit claim by Jonathan Strobel, 28, seeks payment for medical bills, lost wages, suffering and other  injuries. The report is under claim in a Florida state court in Palm Beach County.

The company has not yet responded to the lawsuit filed by Strobel. However, the company urges all users to turn down their device and exchange it. The company over the few weeks has issued apologies to the users for the inconvenience. Users can visit Samsung’s website for information on how to swap their phones. The replacement process is under way.

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