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Best Tools To Use For Instagram Posts Scheduling In 2020

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It is always more complicated for Instagram users to conveniently plan and organize their posts. This also applies if you want to schedule Instagram posts. Especially in social media marketing, it makes sense to know a few useful tools. We show you practical apps for your job as a social media executive.

Why people basically like to rack their brains over everything and turn supposedly simple tasks into demanding challenges, remains a mystery to us.

Of course, companies always want to be as successful as possible and therefore often rely on bare facts and figures. This applies in particular to social media marketing.

Posting posts on Facebook, Instagram, and other social platforms is now a rocket science. At least you can get this impression. Nothing works in most companies without a strategy and in some industries, this may also be necessary for the supposed competition.

Planning Instagram posts

But wouldn’t it also work if we all relax a little bit more? TikTok, for example, is already showing us that authentic short videos are much more popular than photos that were previously meticulously edited with Photoshop on Instagram.

Of course, it doesn’t hurt if you know when your target group is most active on Instagram, for example, and which posts are of most interest to you.

You can use these tools to schedule Instagram posts

So whether you want to approach your social media marketing on Instagram strategically or spontaneously: You will definitely save time and energy if you plan posts with external tools.

In principle, you can and should, of course, design Instagram posts in the Instagram app and publish them immediately. But if you don’t want to go out with them straight away, you can use various planning tools. We would now like to present a selection of these to you.

Facebook Creator Studio

Instagram has been part of Facebook since 2016. Since 2019 it has also been possible to plan your own Instagram posts in the Facebook Creator Studio. That means we don’t even have to switch to third-party apps – but there are some requirements.

You have to have a company page on Facebook and Instagram and link the two accounts. You can then schedule Instagram posts in the Creator Studio if you are the admin or editor of the Facebook company page.

Then everything is very simple. A window opens in the Creator Studio, in which you can write your contribution and upload an image. For example, you can also add a location and plan the post in parallel on Facebook.

You can either publish the post immediately or schedule it at the desired time.


The great unique selling point of Preview is the offered 70 different filters, with which you can edit your pictures.

The tool is available in a free version and – unlike many other providers – also lets you upload pictures directly from the Dropbox. You can also schedule unlimited photo and video posts and save your standard hashtags and captions.

Preview also gives you a detailed analysis of your contributions and your commitment. You can also use the tool to evaluate and optimize your posts.

However, Preview is only available as a mobile app – and it cannot post your contributions yourself. That means: If you schedule a post for a certain time, you only receive a notification and then have to manually publish your post yourself.


Buffer is also a suitable social media management tool that you can use to schedule Instagram posts via the buffer dashboard on the computer or via the mobile application.

The dashboard is minimalistic and easy to use. Therefore, the tool is particularly suitable for beginners in social media.

With Buffer, for example, you can set up a queue for your posts and stories. If you know when your target group is active online, you can plan your postings efficiently and publish them at the right time.

However, Buffer also only sends you a notification. You still have to manually publish the finished post yourself. You can try different versions of Buffer for seven to 14 days for free.

The cheapest version is the pro version for $ 15 a month. It allows you to manage up to eight social media accounts and to plan 100 posts. The premium version for $ 65 a month gives you space for 2,000 postings.

The best thing to do is to see for yourself which buffer package is right for you. Perhaps even the free version with three accounts and ten contributions will meet your requirements.


Storrito is probably one of the most popular tools for Instagram. You can design and plan stories conveniently on the computer.

The tool is free as long as you don’t schedule more than ten posts a month. Then you pay 15 euros a month and can create up to 100 posts. Only the professional version delivers even more capacity for 60 euros a month. Then your limit is 500 entries.

Storrito offers you all interactive story functions. So you can fully edit your story elements with mentions, hashtags and other stickers. And if you don’t want to publish your story right away, you can simply schedule it for a specific time.


Hootsuite is one of the most used social media dashboards. The tool is a real all-rounder for different social networks. And of course the tool is also particularly suitable for Instagram. Because with Hootsuite you can create, plan and publish feed contributions and stories.

We can also use Hootsuite to monitor and analyze our posts straight away. That means we can observe, for example, how many users we reach with our contributions and how strongly our target group interacts with us.

You can try Hootsuite for free for 30 days. After that, the cheapest professional version of the tool costs 25 euros a month. The tariff is particularly suitable for small businesses with a social media manager.

If you have a multi-member social media department, you should be better advised with the 109 euro team version. Here, up to three users can participate in the planning of the social media content. And those who run a large company should invest in the business version for 599 euros a month.

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