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Microsoft Releases Patch To Fix The Bug In Windows 10 VPN connections


With the correction of some bugs, Microsoft developers recently had additional problems in the Windows 10 operating system. A bug is discovered while using VPN connections was particularly urgent, which has now been fixed out of order.

Difficulties with VPNs are currently particularly dramatic. After all, in many countries, the office workplaces have been converted to home offices wherever possible in order to contain the corona pandemic. Here, working tunnels in the respective company networks are usually absolutely necessary so that sensitive information is not endangered.

VPN Became More Important Than Ever Due To Home Offices

Microsoft included: The Redmond Company took the problem as an opportunity to publish a patch outside of the usual release dates. This is intended to solve the difficulties that arose after the installation of the last cumulative update when automatically configured proxies and VPN connections cause general difficulties in establishing Internet connections.

Microsoft recommends that you only install the patch that has now been released if you really have difficulties with the described form. There are other variations of the patch available for the different versions of Windows 10 in recent years – more detailed information and downloads can be found in the corresponding KB entry:

Users of the Microsoft operating system will have to be prepared to receive such unscheduled updates in the coming days. So far, this has only been the case in extremely urgent cases, but due to the effects that the pandemic also has on the way of working in Redmond, it is initially forbidden to meet fixed deadlines for the non-security-relevant updates. Only the security patches will continue to appear on the classic monthly patch day.

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