Beta program of Threads is now available for Android users

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Since the launch of the thread, it’s been all over social media, and we just can’t stop talking about it. This latest program released by Meta has already attracted 100 million users within a day of its launch. With the latest news, Android users will now be able to experience the latest features on the platform, as Thread has introduced its beta program for Android users.

This will be great news for the platform, as it’s still some steps behind compared to other platforms. People are liking this new platform as it’s still lacking some basics like search features, and along with that, there’s no option for DMs or hashtags on the platform yet. We hope that these features will make their way onto the platform soon.

Beta program of threads is now available

This latest launch has some rare circumstances; as a matter of fact, it was launched on Android and iOS at the same time. It doesn’t happen often, as these latest apps are preferred to launch on iOS before Android, along with any latest features. But with Threads opposite, it has launched its beta program for Android for now.

As per information via 9to5Google, this program will allow users to experience the latest features earlier than other users. This is a great initiative, as we are looking forward to some basic features making their way to the platform.

Are you up for joining the beta program of Threads? Here’s how you can do it

If you are interested in joining the beta program, it’s only a few steps away. Head to the Google Play Store and keep scrolling until you see the beta section. When you see a beaker with shapes in it, you’ll know you’re there. The Join button is located at the section’s bottom.

It will take some time after you touch the button for you to be formally included in the program. Just remember not to panic if you don’t see any changes right away. The Update button will thereafter be visible at the top.

After updating your app, you’ll have access to beta testing. Just be aware that as you use the app, it might become less stable if you’re a participant in the beta program. When utilizing beta software, it is just the way things are.

Although we don’t know yet what features will be offered by the app in the future, So we just have to wait and keep an eye on the platform.

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