Threads is listed on top of the app stores

It goes without saying that Meta’s Threads is a rather well-known platform. It was only recently launched, but it already has millions of users. In fact, Threads is so well-liked that it ranks first in both app stores.

The new social media site from Mark Zuckerberg’s Meta, called Threads, draws extensively from Twitter and may be in legal danger as a result.

The legal team for Elon Musk has threatened to file a lawsuit against Meta for allegedly stealing trade secrets. According to the business, Meta built Threads by hiring former Twitter employees who had access to their trade secrets. If this is the case, Meta and the others did indeed commit a significant federal felony.

Threads is circulating at the top of the app list on the app store

Putting legal issues aside, Threads is steadily growing in popularity. It’s likely the social media platform that is expanding the quickest online. The site had more than 66 million signups as of this morning. That’s impressive, but we must remember that it relies on Instagram’s more than 1 billion users.

The fact that the app is at the top of its respective categories in both the Google Play Store and Apple App Store gives you an idea of how well-liked it is.

Threads is the top free social media app in the Google Play Store. It is the top app in the Social Networking category on Apple’s platform. This is for the iPhone app list. Although this app is available for iPads, it isn’t being downloaded for some reasons.

The current state of Threads is far from ideal. The app still lacks a tonne of features despite becoming a fresh forum for individuals to disparage Elon Musk. There are no generic searches, DMs, or hashtags. Additionally, you must also remove your Instagram account if you want to delete your Threads account. But everything might change.

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