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Beware: Samsung Note Phones Screen Turn Pink If They Drop Slightly Even With A Protector

Samsung is the biggest smartphone brand present around the world, but does a big name makes you get away with everything?

I will share my personal experience and then an experience of couple of people I personally know about Samsung Note phones. I bought Samsung Note 5, the first thing I did was to add a protector and a cover on it. The camera quality was great, the phone looked good and the speed was fine as well. On the flip side, I just dropped the phone ever so slightly and it just broke. The screen turned all pink/purplish and that’s that. At first you think it’s your own fault and you can’t blame the company for it. So even though adding a new screen to the phone can cost you a lot, I did replace the screen of Note 5, added a new better protector to ensure same situation does not happen again. Couple of months pass, the phone drops on solid carpet and the screen goes pink again and then you finally realize that Samsung Note phones do have some major issue.

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Then few days back one of my friends bought Note Phone and she encountered exact similar situation. The phone dropped just slightly and the screen turned pink. The so expensive phone was lost in seconds. There was battery issue in Samsung Note 7 phones as well, where batteries of the phone used to catch fire and it was extremely dangerous.

Such errors in a big smartphone brand are outrageous. It makes you question the brand, its quality and faults in its hardware and software. Is it worth buying a phone, just because it is a big name, or its time to demand some answers from the biggest smartphone tycoon around the world.