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US Lifts Laptop Ban On Qatar Airways

Laptop ban has been lifted on Qatar Airways, for all flights departing from and arriving in America. Now all flights that would leave from Hamad International Airport, their travellers would be allowed to take electronic devices with them.

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They have been allowed now because both Qatar Airways and Hamad International Airport have fulfilled the security requirements of US Department of Homeland Security’s new security guidelines. The company officials thanked US and their authorities for their utmost patience and support during the whole procedure. Also the passengers were thanked for their cooperation during the ban.

It was in March that US authorities banned all electronic devices larger than 16×9.3×1.5cm to be taken on plane with the traveller. This included laptop as well. Passengers were asked to put all their devices in the checked luggage. Thankfully phones and medical aid was exempted from this ban. It was informed by US Secretary of Homeland Security John Kelly last week that improved security measures would ensure that the ban is not expanded. After that Etihad and Turkish Airlines were exempted from the ban and now Qatar Airways is released as well.

Security is enhanced in terms of better screening of electronic devices, travellers and testing for any explosives. This checking has been started in around 280 airports in 105 different countries. 2000 commercial flights coming in to US would face extreme security checks.

Following suit of US the ban was implemented by UK as well. Australian PM also said that he might put in place a similar ban, but has not done so yet.

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