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Biden Orders To Investigate Consoles And Chip Shortage

Joe Biden orders

Getting a new console is now nearly impossible, and many other devices are also affected. We are talking about the current shortage of chips that plagues the world of technology. This is now a top priority because US President Joe Biden wants to know what’s going on here.

Consoles, graphics cards, laptops, and even cars: all of these consumer goods (and more) are hit by the current chip shortage. This is not only uncomfortable and disappointing for those who want to buy a PlayStation 5 , Xbox Series X or new Geforce RTX card, but also represents an enormous economic brake.

That is also the reason why the topic is ranked highest in the US -Politics achieved. US President Biden recently signed an executive order mandating the relevant authorities (trade, energy, defense and health) to investigate. Within 100 days, they should find out how the current semiconductor shortage came about and what can be done about it.

Biden as he signed the order, said: “The American people should never face shortages in the goods and services on which they depend.” The new president emphasized that there was a bipartisan consensus on this and that Democrats and Republicans support the move.

Corona is to blame

Whether an executive order can find out something new or even change something about the scarcity is of course a different matter. Because the missing semiconductors are to a large extent a consequence of the corona pandemic: In many places production was and is restricted, in addition, the demand for home entertainment and home office equipment rose sharply in the lockdown months.

It is also highly unlikely that the situation will improve anytime soon: Production in China, Taiwan and South Korea are already running at full speed, and it is unlikely that any further increase in production capacities will be possible here.