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Bill Gates Jokes About Internet Explorer Disabled, Vaccination, and Microchips

Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates has long been at the center of conspiracy stories, mostly about surveillance, vaccinations, pandemics, and so on. But the 66-year-old also sees it all with humor, which he just demonstrated again on Twitter.

Gates in the center of numerous spinning mills

It’s quite fascinating what crazy ideas some people come up with and what Bill Gates has been dealing with over the past two and a half years of the pandemic. The Microsoft co-founder has been at the center of countless conspiracies that can only be described as “crazy nonsense”. Gates himself has even made some sort of virtue of the conspiracy distress, as he wrote a book about it just over a month ago.

In “How we prevent the next pandemic“, he not only writes about Corona in general and the lessons learned from it but also discusses the conspiracies associated with it. But he hasn’t lost his sense of humor either. The satirical TV show The Daily Show joked on Twitter this week to mark the end of Microsoft’s age-old browser: “Wow, Bill Gates encourages everyone to get vaccinated and Internet Explorer dies a year later. Coincidence?? Gates took this tweet and said ironically dryly, “I think we’re finally out of microchips.”

Corona, chips, 5G networks, etc.

Gates is referring to the rumor that, since the outbreak of the pandemic, Gates has integrated chips into corona vaccinations to be able to track people via 5G mobile networks. How and why is not relevant at the moment. According to research by The verge the “rumor” originated in 4plebs, a community-based archive of 4chan. From there, it made its way to Reddit and other platforms of its kind and then continued on its own.

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