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How To Book Online Movie Bus Event Tickets In Pakistan

You can now book online movie tickets, book online bus tickets, and book online event tickets in Pakistan.

Sometimes you really need to get things delivered to your home, you must have ordered food online and got it delivered to your home or did online shopping and things arrived at your home without even knowing. When you are busy or have bad memory or lazy sometimes, you sought to find the easy solution to the problem, that’s where technology comes,

Now you can order tickets online and get them delivered to your home before the departure to your actual destination.


Bookme.pk is the place you can get things like that, you can book a movie ticket and get it delivered to your home one or two days before departure, it saves you lot of time, keeps you organized and let you complete your tasks beforehand, instead of standing in the queue you have them ready in your hands when you arrived at you favourite Cinepax.


Don’t worry if you have to take a round trip to Lahore from Islamabad on Daewoo, Skyways or Royal Express Bus service, just go to book.me.pk and book it online on what date you are travelling, take the ticket with you when it is delivered and go straight to your seat skipping queues in summer.


Wish to go to an event? now book it online before the tickets run out, the events that are listed on Bookme website can be book with them and get your tickets via home delivery.

Zong Customer Can Have Advantage

Zong has recently announced partnership with Bookme.pk, If you are a Zong customer then delivery charges to your home are absolutely free, you have to use the website via Zong link https://bookme.pk/zong and book your tickets with details. Normally there are delivery charges for all other customers, you can avoid delivery charges using the above link if you are a Zong subscriber.