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Camera and other information about the Xiaomi MIX Flip was leaked

The Xiaomi MIX Flip is the next foldable smartphone that could be debuted soon. According to some recent pieces of information, the details about the camera sensors and screen resolution of the upcoming smartphone were unveiled.

Since last year, people have been anticipating Xiaomi’s foldable smartphone. But the MIX Flip model from the previous year was most likely dropped. It was discovered that the Chinese company had begun work on its upcoming foldable device in October when two model numbers “2405CPX3DG / 2405CPX3DC“ appeared.

The ‘2405’ in the model number signifies May 2024. From this aspect, we can expect it to debut in May or June. Some of the device’s specifications have begun to surface before its official release.

According to leaks, the MIX Flip will feature a dual camera setup on the back. It comprises a 50MP Light Hunter 800. It is the same camera as the one found on the Redmi K70 Pro. It is accompanied by a 60MP Omnivision OV60A with 2x optical zoom. Furthermore, the rear cameras can be utilized as front cameras due to the fact that the camera is just beneath a small screen.

‘Ruyi’ is the codename given to the MIX Flip. It was spotted in Mi Code. The company is currently working on the smartphone. From the leaked images, a small screen on the device’s back can be spotted. In addition to this, the details about the screen resolution of the MIX Flip were also unveiled.

Reportedly, it will feature a 1.5K screen resolution. In contrast, the company offered 2K resolution on the Xiaomi 14 Pro and the Redmi K70 Pro. We can find the ‘560’ density value. However, it looks like the MIX Flip is set to “520,” which is lower than 560. This demonstrates that there is less than 2K of screen resolution. It is anticipated to launch with a 1.5K screen resolution.

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