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Xiaomi has started producing OLED essential components

Lumilan is a company that excels in the research and development, manufacturing, sales, and service of new OLED materials. Reportedly, Xiaomi has collaborated with Lumilan. By taking part in the research and development of important OLED materials, Xiaomi hopes to improve the underlying technology of display materials, according to the tipster Digital Chat Station. It is clear that Xiaomi won’t be involved in the production of end product or display panels.

Currently, we have several display manufacturers like BOE that are doing a great job. Their products getting improved with time. Investing in underlying technologies may help get around some restrictions and enhance the final product even more. In Ningbo, one of China’s industrial hubs, Xiaomi established the “Xiaomi-Lumilan OLED Key Materials and Devices Joint Laboratory” with this goal in mind.

Wu Cangzhi, general manager of Xiaomi’s mobile phone display and touch division, stated during the joint laboratory’s unveiling ceremony that the company’s objective for the next ten years is to “invest heavily in fundamental core technologies and work to become an international leader in new generation hard-core technology” (machine translation). With this most recent advancement, he hopes to solidify Xiaomi’s foundational technology in the area of display materials. Additionally, he mentioned that the goal of this joint venture with Lumilan is to enhance the performance of display goods by addressing the issues facing the OLED sector.

“Lumilan will work collaboratively with Xiaomi, beginning from the Xiaomi-Lumilan OLED key materials and devices joint laboratory,” stated the chairman of OLED producer Lumilan. Their goal is to break through the current technological barriers in the OLED display sector.

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