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You can learn to Code Xbox and PC games at Microsoft Stores

Kids and Adults can learn how to code games but for limited time

Tech giants have started tons of initiatives to impart knowledge about development, Google has started lessons for young to code animates scenes starring Wonder Woman, while Apple has Swift Playgrounds which is kids-friendly in a partnership with Tynker, an app that teaches kids coding with Apple Swift. Apart from that Facebook also has the program which emphasizes on Kids development and coding skills with resources in order to help develop next generation coders.

Microsoft has recently announced a series of free classes focusing on Xbox and PC game development. The classes would be held in Microsoft stores based in New York and Sydney.

Facebook has launched a watch offering original video content

But this opportunity is for a limited time, starting on August 20th in New York and September 25 in Sydney.

On the list there are 3 courses currently available for students 14 years or older, each course covers different aspects of game development process including development, programming and design,

The program is designed to encourage next generation coders and embark their interest that could lead to fuel their coding flare to continue innovation in the future. Kids have more potential of innovation if directed properly, this initiative will hopefully develop a strong array of innovative future coders to join the industry.

The classes are accredited by the Academy of Interactive Entertainment (AIE), this will help kids to use the credits to enrol for full-time future courses.

During the classes kids would be able to save the games they code, to save the games a complimentary USB drive would be provided to them, kids can work on their saved games after the classes they attended.

Learners undergone these courses would be able to test their designs and coding on their own consoles as well, every Xbox can be a dev-kit with the free app from Microsoft, learners can also have accounts which would allow them to publish their work to Xbox One and Windows 10 starting at $20.

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