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PogoCam is the new rival of Spectacles


The release of Spectacles by Snapchat.Inc has opened up new horizons for camera technology. Camera glasses are not a new concept but it seems like soon enough it would be mainstream. PogoTec is a small company that announced that it will be making camera glasses but with a different approach. PogoCam is the concept of camera glasses that takes a more modular route to Snaps Spectacles.

The concept design of PogoCam is based on replacing the round support wires in the arms of the glasses with a flat one. They will then magnetize it and cut away parts of the surrounding plastic that will expose the metal. The design is names as “PogoTrack”. The company is trying to form potential profitable partnerships with a number of glasses frame companies.

PogoCam is unique and inclusive

The company wants PogoCam to be able to attach with any one of a suite of PogoTec products to the pair of glasses. It is not limited to design, or being left out if you wear prescription lenses. The $129 PogoCam is a very tiny self-powered unit that is smaller than a tube of mascara. It has its own metal strip that has magnetic capabilities to attach with any pair of glasses. It is like spectacles but with a hint of Google Glass. The benefit of this is that the camera is removable and the glasses will look just like a normal pair of glasses.

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The camera will be able to take out 10 photos or 12 10 second video clips. It has limited storage with a 5 megapixel sensor. There is no wireless file transferring so you have to take the camera off then snap the glasses to a small case which plugs into the laptop. The company aims to release the product next year in March or April. It will be a brand that will be readily available to everyone.

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