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Careem Brings ‘Careem Shadi”—Let the Dhoom Dharaka Begin

The wait is over Careem broke the suspense and revealed what was its yesterday’s post “Jab Mian Biwi Hon Razi”, was all about.

Careem recently posted on Twitter that it would be making sure to provide seamless Shaadi arrangements if it gets the invite which it would as per the post. Trust me, Careem is hilarious at times.

Careem has launched Careem Shadi, an offer that has customized travel packages to help people with their transportation requirements during the Shaadi hassle.

Everyone knows that planning weddings, is a tough job, I mean may it be the shopping sprees or inviting guests or making the big day arrangements everything needs to be managed continuously and effectively to avoid any last moment disasters.

Careem mentioned on its site that its mission behind the launch of careemshadi.com is to make sure that every wedding must be covered the way the people want it, as every wedding is different. Careem claims to take care of everything from the moment guests arrive till they leave.

Careem wrote that Careem Shaadi is committed to providing the best service at every step of the event and asked the hosts to consider it a part of their family.

Careem Shaadi website is provided with the details of the customized Shaadi packages which are:

Mehmaan Nawaazi 

This package is for all those people who are done with giving out mithai and want to pamper their guests with something sweeter on their wedding—for all such people, Careem offers Careem Credits. Buying the Mehmaan Nawaazi package would enable transferring Careem credits to their accounts, resulting in the guests taking payment free rides via Careem.

Humara Promo

This package is for couples who are bored with the traditional wedding invitation cards and wants to add some sizzling element to their wedding invites so that the invites remain in the memories of their guests. Careem would provide the couple to promo-fy their own personal hashtag which could be couples’ names or the place they met or an inside joke or something cool.
The bundle that would be bought of Humara Promo would provide a discount to the guests depending upon the bundle one selects as a host.

See, I told you it would be filmy, here’s the third package

Hum Bill De Chukey Sanam—(trust me, I am not making this up, it is actually present on their website.)

Through this package, the host can pay for his/her and the guests rides once and for all, then there would be no more need to worry about managing the transportation and its related budget as everything was done in advance. The host just needs to provide the details of the amount allocated for Aana Jana and Careem would then take care of it.

Careem Shadi would be a hit, I know because we Pakistanis love to spend a lot on our weddings for making them the most memorable event of our lives. So, what could add more fame and charm to the wedding when Careem would be an active member during all the Shaadi hassles.

All the couples out there, you want to try something different Careem has provided you the solution.

Happy Careem Shaadi to all!

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