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Ufone Adopts Facebook for Work to ease Communication

Ufone will now use Facebook for all its internal communication and cooperation with employees. The aim of Ufone is to enhance productivity by improving internal communication and making sure that everything is organized and properly managed.

Ufone is cutting down all kinds of barriers be it hierarchical or physical. Collaboration between Ufone employees will just be a message away.

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It is a beginning of a new era. Interacting, collaborating, discussing and chatting with colleagues anywhere everywhere will become a reality now. Team meetings and conferences can be held now on Facebook.

Facebook is a platform for communication but usually it is used for informal interactions. Now in Pakistan Ufone is adopting it for formal communication, which is a great step.

The growing power of Facebook is undeniable. It has one billion daily users which just keep on increasing every days.

Now if it starts becoming platform for internal communications in Pakistan, it is something great for employees and Ufone customers.

As employees will be able to remain connected all the time with their colleagues thus the productivity, performance and success of a project can be guaranteed. They can discuss innovative ideas, new improvement methods, share their experiences and observations with each other.

Work Conversation has been made simpler by Ufone. As Ufone always says that it believes in equipping its employers by providing them the appropriate tools to achieve success.

This is a start. We might see other big companies in Pakistan adopting Facebook for Work communication. It is important that we make the right use of technology. Also the idea of being able to communicate with any member of your organization, not having any obstacles in between, is something commendable.