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Careem Brings Offer 2018 to Enter the New Year in Style

With the advent of the New Year, many companies are engaged in the act of sending wishes or boosting sales to market their brands along with the New Year wishes.

We have entered the New Year and it has brought us many things to look forward to, at an individual level the resolutions we have made.

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Careem also started the New Year with an amazing offer that if one availed a ride at midnight of the New Year they would get a chance to win Careem credit points and goodies. They posted their offer with the caption of “Stay in Ride for a Year!

Careem has posted another offer at the year start, as per the offer an individual could win 2018 rupees in Careem credits.

The offer was posted with the caption “Enter 2018 and Get 2018!“.

For availing the offer, one needs to book a ride using the code “2018” as many times as possible for winning the credit points.

The Terms and Conditions of the offer are:

  • It would be valid until the 4th of January 2018.
  • Five winners would be selected from each city.
  • Any activity that might be fraudulent would lead to immediate disqualification of the candidate willing to participate to win the offered points.
  • The offer could be availed in all the cities of Pakistan.

This is a good offer and another welcoming gesture thrown by Careem for its users. Winning the offer code as many times as possible would lead to a user’s chances of being the lucky candidate among the five chosen ones.

Careem is thoughtful in its gestures when it comes to bringing its offers.

Anyway, all the ones who are regular Careem-ers make use of the wonderful opportunity, you never know you could be one of the luckiest ones.

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