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Careem & Eggs Have Peak Pricing In Common

Careem is the leading ride hailing company in Pakistan that is receiving extreme criticism on its peak pricing. Well, the company just released the video to explain the peak pricing phenomena using Eggs demand and supply policy.

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The company wrote in a Facebook post

Peak pricing. If you have been wondering about why you have to pay more at certain times then this EGG-CELENT video will provide all the information you need.


In the video, the speaker talks about “What do Careem & Eggs have in common?” The explanation is this that every winter in Karachi the price of eggs goes up, as its demand increases while its supply remains the same. Therefore to meet the rising demand, the price goes up. The same concept is applied on Careem. As its demands go up, in order to meet it, the price of the ride goes high.

Well, one way to meet the rising demand is to increase the price and the second is to increase your supply. A big name like Careem would have the resources necessary to meet increasing demand with an ever increasing supply. Can you really compare an operative company with thousands of workers in hand with HENS and how hens produce the same amount of eggs in summers & winters?

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