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Careem—Winter drive 2017

Winters are here in Pakistan and are in full bloom owing to the winter showers being experienced this year. It is being said that this year’s winters are the wettest ever since the winters of 2012.

Winters and warm clothes a deadly combination. We all look forward to cosy comfortable outfits to safeguard ourselves from the chilly winds. Not many people are lucky enough to enjoy this luxury.

Careem the ride-hailing service has once again displayed that it cares for all not just for its customers but also for the community at large.

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The ride-hailing service company posted about its new campaign on its official Facebook page with the caption of “Share a Layer”. It has launched its Winter Drive.

How to Participate?

  • The riders would need to call Careem by booking the car with the Careem app by selecting the car type “SHARE”.
  • Once the captain and car reach the user the rider could avail the ride at the same time he/she could leave behind any warm clothing in the car like sweaters or shawls or scarves or blankets.
  • Careem would make sure that the left warm clothing or items reach the most in need of such things.
  • The offer could be availed in just three cities of Pakistan namely Lahore, Karachi and Islamabad.
  • The offer had been up since yesterday that is the 15th of December and would continue until today that is the 16th of December 2017.

This again is a very thoughtful and applaudable drive launched by Careem.

All the active Careem-ers or even the ones who do not use this service much must try making most of this drive by putting in their contributions even they may be as small as donating a pair of warm socks.

We never know but maybe our littlest gesture of kindness could help someone in surviving the winters safely.

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