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Cell phones see an increase in import of 14.51 percent in the country

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Cell phones are heavily in demand in the country. The import of cell phones in the nation has seen an increment over the course of eight months. The fiscal year 2017-2018 saw an increase in the import of cell phones by 14.51 percent. In comparison to the same time period of the previous year, this is a shoot up. In the course from July-February (2017-2018) there has been an increase in the cell phone imports to $526 million.

Previously it stood at $459.38 million during the fiscal year of 2016-2017.

According to many digital enthusiast, Pakistan is a viable and increasing market of cell phone technology. Many expect to see a boost in the current numbers as well. Pakistan Bureau of Statistics (PBS) noticed the increasing trend in the import market of cellular devices on a year on year basis. In February 2018 the import of mobile phones stood at $69.78 million while in the previous year that is 2017 the month of February saw an import of $60.03 million.

This shows a significant increase in the market. On month-on-month basis, the import decreased by 12.52 per cent in February 2018 as compared to that of January 2018 in which the import of mobile phones was posted $79.76 million.

We witness that the import of overall telecom group also increased by 13.7 per cent in July-February 2017-18 compared to the same period of previous year

The telecom imports during first 8 months of current fiscal year was recorded at $1.003 billion while it was recorded $882.17 million during July-February 2016-17.

Yearly we see that the telecom import in February 2018 increased by 25.6 per cent and 57.9 per cent when compared to the import during February 2017 while on month-on-month basis, the import decreased by 4.48 per cent as compared to that of January 2018.

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