Charging Batteries in Minutes Using Asphalt

A recent study by the scientists in USA suggests that Li-based batteries could be charged ten to twenty times faster using asphalt.

Research scientists at the University of Rice has performed a study on lithium-based batteries whereby the charging time of the said batteries is reported to have decreased drastically with the aid of carbon extracted from a viscous liquid.

According to the test performed, batteries manufactured using asphalt not only charged within a time frame of few minutes but it facilitated to inhibit the growth of deposits that ultimately reduces the lifetime of the batteries.

Professor James Tour who is the head of the laboratory at the University of Rice claimed that not only these newly designed batteries carry an enormous storage capacity but are also capable of achieving a 100% charge within just five minutes as compared to two or more than two hours required for other batteries.

To design these batteries, a mixture of nanoribbons of graphene and carbon extracted from asphalt was coated with lithium metal. Furthermore, the professor also mentioned that the manufacturing of these novel batteries is much easier as compared to the previously known techniques. Stability of the batteries developed through this technique was accessed via hundreds of cycles of charging and discharging. Not only were the newly developed batteries stable but were found to be less prone to deposits such as lithium dendrites which ultimately decrease the lifespan of batteries.

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In a time where companies like Qualcomm and Tesla are also working towards high speed batteries, Ben Wood from CCS Insight consultancy has been skeptical about the news of these carbon coated lithium metal batteries. He said that since there are too many of such claims heard these days, one should be very careful about it.

Nevertheless, the founder of Pocket-lint tech news website, Stuart Miles, was very optimistic about the research. He said that since the demand for strong batteries is increasing day by day, an effort to design and manufacture batteries capable of faster charging is of prime importance to everyone. Adding more he said that since the technological advancements are restricted by the capacity of batteries, it would be a great leap in the field of technology if we may be able to charge our phone and computers just like the way we charge our cars with fuel.

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