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ChatGPT can now surf the internet with plugins

Recently, OpenAI introduced GPT 4. Now, the company is all set to introduce another amazing feature for the conversational chatbot i.e., plugins for ChatGPT. With the new plugins, the chatbot will now have the ability to interact with third-party APIs. In this way, it could surf the internet for real-time events.

Previously, ChatGPT was restricted to utilizing data before 2021. In contrast, the new update now offers retrieval of real-time information from the chatbot. Consumers can now use the chatbot to find out about internal company documents or personal cloud.

“When we introduced ChatGPT, users have been asking for plugins (and many developers are exploring with similar ideas) because they open up a wide range of potential use cases. According to a blog post by OpenAI, “We will start giving users and developers on our waitlist access to the plugin alpha today.

How does the new model work?

The new model can proactively contact the right API based on an API definition and a plain language description, thereby acting as an intelligent API caller. When a user inquires about the least expensive travel to Bali, for instance, the model may call a flight booking API and produce a user-facing response using the API’s data and natural language processing capabilities.

In the initial phase, the company is introducing plugin access to a few users. Currently, there are only 11 plugins for external sites available on ChatGPT. The sites included are Expedia, OpenTable, Kayak, Klarna Shopping, and Zapier. Besides this, the company gives access to some plugins that will help with interpreting code and browsing. Well, OpenAI has introduced protection measures. One of them being the limited access to plugins. Still, some analysts are worried that chatbot performs an action on behalf of users.