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France bans TikTok from government devices

After the news from the US, another big news is coming from France regarding the recreational app TikTok. It is reported that France government has banned all types of recreational apps from the phone issued to employees. Last week, on Friday, the minister announced the policy. Besides this, minister of transformation and public service Stanislas Guerini stated that none of the recreational apps have sufficient security that they could be used on government-owned devices.

In addition to this, the minister said that these apps are a risk to data that is stored on devices by government agencies and their employees. the minister added that there are some exceptional cases of this policy. But these are only the apps that are required for official communication. Do note that this new policy doesn’t include any specific date for the removal of apps from government devices.

Well, several nations have raised their concerns about TikTok. They claim that their data could be seen by the app’s Chinese staffers. Just recently, TikTok CEO Shou Zi Chew presented in front of the US congress’s House Committee on Energy and Commerce. The members said that the app should be completely banned in the country.

Shou assured lawmakers that TikTok’s “Project Texas” measures to block access to non-Chinese users’ data inside of China would protect both US security and personal privacy. Members of the committee were unpersuaded, and a bipartisan agreement to sanction TikTok developed. Where on Sunday, Kevin McCarthy indicated that soon a law will be proposed to sanction TikTok. Well, it is uncertain whether the new bill forces the company to sell its US operations unit or calls for banning the app.

Where a forced sale doesn’t seem to be possible. Since the Chinese government indicated that ByteDance can’t make a deal without the government’s approval.

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