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Apparently, a ChatGPT bug revealed user history

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ChatGPT has been quite successful since its release. It was able to gain 100 million users in just two months after its release. Well, this popularity has not come without some drawbacks, particularly in terms of user privacy. Since users recently uncovered a problem in ChatGPT that allowed users to see other people’s chat history titles.

Many ChatGPT users have taken to Twitter and Reddit to report the above-mentioned issue. In this way, it was brought to attention. While using ChatGPT, a user is presented with the history of their own titles. While with the bug, the users have reported that could see the history titles of other users too.

As a response, OpenAI confirmed the case to Bloomberg. It states that the bug doesn’t reveal confidential information. On the other hand, the company is investigating the root cause of this issue. Some reports suggest that the bug is the result of anonymous, open-source software has caused the bug.

For this reason, the ChatGPT services were taken down for some hours on Monday. The chat history sidebar was presented with the message ‘History is temporarily unavailable and is under restoration.’ Moreover, the status page of OpenAI reveals that the chatbot has been restored. However, the company is working to restore the feature.

A Major security concern

Well, such happenings are a matter of concern for AI chatbots. This problem shows that regular users are still exposed. OpenAI can still access its data, despite the fact that OpenAI claims to delete personal information from the data and guarantees not to use the data from businesses that pay for its API. Users of ChatGPT and other AI chatbots need to be aware that the data they provide may not be as private as they once believed. As a result, it is crucial to always be aware of the information you are giving.

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