ChatGPT will soon support audio responses

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Most of us are amazed at the functions that could be performed using AI tools. AI technology is progressing with every passing day. Since the arrival of ChatGPT, the company has massively improved it with updates and new versions. As per a recent announcement by the company, ChatGPT will soon support voice responses.

On the other hand, Google is all set to debut Gemini, which could serve as a competitor to ChatGPT. Reportedly, Gemini is a multi-model LLM that is more efficient than Bard. It is said to be an equivalent to GPT-4.

ChatGPT is receiving voice responses

There are several chatbots out there, including Bard, My AI, Bing AI, ChatGPT, etc., but no other tech company has added such a feature to their chatbots. All these chatbots are efficient at providing text responses. Well, this is not bad at all. However, some text responses are lengthy and thus time-consuming when it comes to reading them.

The new update will introduce an AI-generated voice that could read the text responses for users. Users can select any voice from the different options. The company even shared the details of the different voices during the official announcement. Notably, all voices provide a real-time experience with high-quality sounds. Excitingly, users will be able to talk to the chatbot directly via their microphone.

Image input

Apart from the audio inputs, the chatbot can now accept image inputs as well. Users can get the desired results based on the uploaded images. If a person wishes to receive a response for a particular object/person in the image, the specific object or person can be marked using the drawing tool in the Android/iOS app.

These features will soon be rolled out to the public. Do note that these features will only be accessible to ChatGPT+ or ChatGPT Enterprise subscribers.

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