Meta is working on several AI personas

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If we say that we have entered the era of AI, then it won’t be wrong. Generative AI is progressing at a rapid pace. It is widely adopted by tech companies and organizations. Several tech companies are battling to improve and revolutionize the industry by harnessing the powers of AI. After the debut of ChatGPT by OpenAI, Google came forward with Bard. However, tech giant Google was not quite successful with it. As of now, Google is all set to debut Gemini, a more powerful AI tech in contrast to Bard.

The same is the case with Meta. Reportedly, Meta is working on its own AI tools and products to compete with giants like Google and OpenAI. According to recent pieces of information, Meta is working on Gen AI Personas. The company is now paying more attention to its AI products and tools than the Metaverse. Reportedly, one of them will be pitched to a younger audience.

Meta is working on AI personas

It seems like Meta is trying something different with the AI. The company is reportedly working on several chatbots. According to the available information, the different chatbots will serve audiences from different regions. The available information suggests that Meta is working on a sassy robot persona inspired by Bender from Futurama. Just be prepared to receive some sassy responses.

According to The Verge, another avatar is modeled after Alvin the Alien from the Dr. Seuss books. This character is incredibly inquisitive. Furthermore, Mets is trying to enable celebrities to design their own chatbots. These chatbots will be personalized and dedicated to fans. Well, there is no information on how this will work out, but it is certain that with their debut, the market will be occupied with these chatbots.

Making AI identities isn’t the only thing on the company’s list. According to the source, the business may be developing a chatbot that will assist with “coding and other tasks.” It will be more polished. We just have to wait to see what the company’s AI endeavor has to offer.

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