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China Imposes Online Gaming Ban on Minors

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China has limited the amount of time children spend on online gaming by imposing a ban.

As per the curfew, children Under 18 will not be allowed to play online games between 10 pm and 8 am.  They can only play for 1 hour 30 minutes in the daytime.

The amount of money the minors spend on online games will be reduced to 200 RMB per month increasing to 400RMB for children between 16 and 18.

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According to the new rules, the gamer will have to enter the real name for registration and other important details including phone number, WeChat account or ID number to sign in.

The government suggested all the games producers to change the content, function and rules of the games in order to avoid addiction among children.

The government is tightening up the gaming industry of China as they are very much concerned about the worsening conditions of children’s health for example nearsightedness.

Beijing did the same thing last year; they altered all the games and forced all the underage children to reduce their screen time.

The biggest gaming company in china- Chinese giant Tencent in March said that they are executing new controls to reduce the underage video-game playing.

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