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China Plans To Stop Burgeoning Mobile Phone Companies in China

Chinese mobile companies

There was a time when no one looked at China when it was about technology and mobile phone companies, Apple, Samsung, Nokia, HTC, Motorola and Ericson were the top mobile companies’ names on everyone’s heads.

However, now if you talk about the top 10 mobile companies in the world, you will find almost 6 companies from China on the list. The burgeoning of Chinese Mobile companies could be doing more harm than benefit. This reflects in a recent update from Oppo’s president Chen Mingyong.

Chen has posted an update regarding an upcoming Oppo’s innovation and networking event in Shenzhen on December 10. He said he will attend the conference and quoted, “Everything is in an era of integration. There will be no more mobile phone companies in a pure sense.”

It seems the Chinese mobile phone industry is now focused on the next level rather than taking mobile phones as a lucrative business for the future. We can expect Chinese investors and startups jumping into the integration era rather than the mushroom growth of mobile companies.

Chinese mobile phone market has already seen a tremendous growth, parent companies launching more mobile companies under their umbrella, the example of Oppo people launching Realme, Huawei launching Honor, and several other companies like; Infinix launching Vivo. But this event might create a difference. Oppo is holding a public event after 6 years, it might call upon a business restructuring and focus on software side technologies.

According to Vice President Oppo about the future development of 5G terminals, Wu Qiang explained three judgments in an interview:

1. 5G mobile phones will be over 3000 Yuan next year

2. By Q2 of 2020, cheaper 5G mobile phones will appear

3. In 2020, China’s 5G mobile phones will probably be around 150 million.

Now to feed the 5G era there is something else needed here. It is quite likely that Chinese mobile companies would make their way to AI, 5G, Machine Learning and other integration technologies to remain competitive in the world.