China’s Fastest “Skytrain” Has Started Testing

China has started trials for its suspension railway line in Qingdao, eastern China. The train is named “Skytrain” just like it is named “tube” in the United Kingdom.

The elevated hanging monotrain is already breaking records while it’s still in testing phase. According to engineers, the latest train is 3 times better than the regular subway trains and mount gradients of 100 meters over a thousand meters distance, according to China News.

The new train has a lot of attributes including, lightweight, medium traffic volume, intermediate speed and low-cost transport system, the train has huge potential in the areas having landscapes, mountains regions and highly congested areas in major urban cities.

The train is developed by CRRC Qingdao Sifang Co. Ltd, “Skytrain” would be able to accommodate up to 510 commuters in 3 to 5 carriages and with a maximum speed of 70KM per hour.

The train is equipped with latest permanent magnet motor technology, with this technology the train can have more power, smaller size, low noise and light weight, therefore, it is expected to deliver better-operating efficiency, says the technical director of the project, Liu Yuwen.

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Elevated rail networks can be cheaper to build and maintain, the setup process could also be quicker as compared to traditional rail networks.

In mountainous and steep areas, the train has the potential to provide smooth and comfortable travel to passengers, said Liu.

After Germany and Japan, China is the 3rd country that has developed this sort of technology. One of the oldest elevated electrical railway systems was built by Germany in Wuppertal which was inaugurated in 1901 and it is still operational.