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Chrome for iOS enables users to open links from other apps in Incognito


Google introduced a helpful feature to Chrome for iOS. This option provides the users with the option to open external links from other apps using Incognito. This feature is specifically beneficial on shared devices. The default settings load up links. On the other hand, other tabs where your cookies and account sign-ins are shared are also open. When you open in Incognito, you’re not logged into anything.

To enable this feature, follow the given steps:

  • Got to the Chrome Settings
  • Click on Privacy and Security
  • Enable the option indicating “Ask Open Links from Other Apps in Incognito”

When you tap on a link in an external app, a full-screen prompt will appear initially.

Open in Incognito

Open in Incognito records the URL that you clicked. It details how the browsing session will be kept private from history. Furthermore, it indicates how the browsing session will be hidden from other people using a similar device. In addition to this, users won’t be required to save the information they enter in forms. Whereas the activities visible to websites, employers, schools, and internet service providers will be followed by the standard Chrome Incognito.

This feature is beneficial in environments where an iPad device is shared by multiple users. Whereas iPads don’t still provide the multi-user capacity. Additionally, the feature is best adapted in situations where you are required to sign in to other accounts since it saves the users from manually copying URLs and opening Incognito. The most interesting part of this feature is that it does not affect in-Chrome browsing.

In addition to this, version 108 of Chrome for iOS is also rolling out today. It has the following offerings:

  • Improvements in stability and performance
  • Visibility of favicons next to site credentials in Google Password Manager and in credential provider extensions.

However, this feature is not available for Android users. while Google is working on Incognito Chrome Custom Tabs.

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