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Google to bring Gmail and Calendar apps for Wear OS

Wear OS

Google is going to introduce the Gmail and Calendar app for Wear OS devices. Where this new update will also be rolled out to Pixel Watches.

The current news about Google working on new apps for Wear OS was revealed by 9to5Google. It seems like Google is testing the new apps for the platform. However, the source has not confirmed whether users could send an email or create events using the apps. Though, the experience is defined as “full” to 9to5Google.

Given the timespan of the previous few months, Google is quite busy with creating and redesigning apps concerning the Wear OS platform. Specifically, concerning the Wear OS various apps like Play Store apps, Keep, and Google Camera was upgraded with Material You redesign. As of now, the company is aiming to introduce two more apps to the Wear OS. Thus, making the experience with smartwatches more useful.

Smartwatches have become an important part of our lives. Given this perspective, they need to be better adapted as per the user’s preferences and usability. Introducing the Calendar and Gmail app for smartwatches will enable users to design events, write emails on their wrists, and limit the requirement of accessing a smartphone. Furthermore, Google is possibly working on introducing the News app for Wear OS.

Both apps will be made available to Wear OS in the upcoming months. Though, a similar experience is offered by Google via the Agenda app and email notifications. The Agenda app displays the next event and allows for planning the next three days ahead. Furthermore, Google Assistant is required to create new events.

Where accessing emails on smartwatches could be a painful experience. Since they are accessible via the notifications feed. Furthermore, there is no inbox showing the read emails. In contrast to the Apple Watch Mail App and Outlook for Wear OS, the updates require a lot of work.

The Google Pixel Watch was one of the most awaited devices of the year. Equipping it with new, polished apps will attract more users.