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Chromebooks may at last have customizable keyboard shortcuts


The company Google is all set to introduce another interesting feature for Chromebook users. as per the company, soon the users will be able to use custom keyboard shortcuts throughout the OS. However, do note that currently, the feature is not available.

Kevin Tofel from About Chromebook identified a keyboard shortcut editor. It was spotted in the ChromeOS 111 beta. When a user turns on the flags labeled “enable-shortcut-customization-app” and “improved-keyboard-shortcuts”, the shortcut editor will get activated.

In the Settings app, users can access the list of shortcuts presented in the several components of the OS and apps. Additionally, the default keybindings can be accessed from the same list. Given the experimental version, users can add alternate shortcuts. Where in reality they might not work. Still, users can look into it. But do notice that they might not present the users with the desired results. In addition to this, the screen is presented with an option that will reset the defaults. The reset option will be equally effective for both specific shortcuts and all the shortcuts.

For the past few months, we have been hearing about this feature. It appears that the beta version is now complete. We can anticipate that it will begin to roll out to users in the next few weeks or months. Where the recent version of ChromeOS enables users to view the default keyboard shortcuts.