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For simpler Apple TV software updates, Apple should adopt this strategy

Apple has introduced multiple devices and gadgets. Among those HomePod and Apple TV are based on the same operating system. However, both require a different mechanism to install the recent software updates. Where a Reddit user conveys a brilliant idea in his post. Let us uncover what his idea is.

Recently, a Reddit user posted a brilliant idea regarding the software updates for Apple TV. In accordance with the idea of the user, the company should manage the updates in the Home app. The idea sounds quite simple and effortless.

Well, it can be a great thing if the company considers this idea. By doing so, the Apple TV software updates will be presented in conjugation with HomePod software updates. In this way, it will be quite convenient to manage both simultaneously. Since HomePod and Apple TV are based on a similar operating system.

Presently, the software updates for tvOS are provided directly on the Apple TV. By turning on the automatic update feature, the users will be able to receive the updates as soon as they arrive. On the other hand, manual updates of tvOS via the Home app would make sure that the device is updated.

Apple is going to unveil the tvOS at WWDC in June 2023. It will be rolled out to audiences somewhere this fall. Currently, nothing is known regarding the new features that the company is going to introduce.

What is your opinion? Should the company consider this idea? Let us know your thoughts on this idea through your feedback.