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Minecraft is soon to be available on Chromebooks

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It’s an old story from when Chromebooks were just notebooks with limited features. ChromeOS devices were just a bit less satisfying than just Chrome’s experience. However, Google has looked for methods to increase the use of Chromebooks, from adding support for Android applications to even Linux programs. As indicated by some dazzling new gaming Chromebooks, the company’s new focus is on improving its lightweight, do-anything operating system for gaming. However, this doesn’t preclude you from occasionally playing games locally. Users of Chromebooks are preparing to celebrate a major victory in that regard because Minecraft is now available on their platform (limited in gameplay as it may be for now).

That’s because Mojang recently made the game’s Chromebook trial available (via Chrome Unboxed). Only the Survival mode is available in the game, and each session is only 90 minutes long per world. If a player wants to continue playing, they are free to create a new world. Even though it’s quite challenging, some fast runners have finished the game in under ten minutes, so you may try your luck and skip forward to the End Poem.

Mojang is only just dipping its toes into this new area and is looking for feedback and problems from its daring Chromebook-toting admirers. The trial is intended to “collect platform-specific data for bug fixes and technical troubleshooting,” according to the business.

That said, you’re out of luck for the time being if you reside in the United States or Canada. Mexico is one of the 17 nations and territories that qualify for the Chromebook trial, along with Australia, India, Denmark, France, Germany, and Turkey. The trial can be played without a Microsoft account, but once it reaches a stable stage, be prepared to pass over that barrier.