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‘Cinematic photo’ effect is no more limited to specific pictures in Google Photos

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Google Photos has a new feature called the Cinematic Photo Effect that can be used on any picture in the app. Before this update, this feature was only available for pictures that met the standards of Google Photos. But with this latest update, users are allowed to add it to any picture and save it to their devices.

This effect lets users add life to any static picture. A series of images with this effect are being displayed by Google in a slideshow format. This slideshow is available in the top section of the app.

However, you can use this effect for yourself rather than waiting for Google to do it for you. Although if we look back a few weeks ago, this wasn’t possible, for now it’s available for you. This article will be a guide for you as to what this effect is and how it can be used.

“Cinematic effect” in Google photos

A cinematic effect is a technology or feature that creates a 3D effect for an image to make it look more appealing. This feature uses the technology of machine language to get to know the depth of an image. Through this technology, this effect can create a glide-once-still picture in a defined pattern across the background.

This feature was initially introduced on Google Photos in 2020. This feature provided users with a 3D representation of still images. But with the latest update, it can be applied to any image of your choice, unlike before, when it was available only to images chosen by Google.

You can now easily get the cinematic effect with just a few taps thanks to a recent upgrade to the Google Photo app. You must first check to see if your app is current, and if it isn’t, you must visit the Play Store or App Store to download the update. When the update is ready, return to the app and get ready to test out the cinematic effect.

Now click the ‘Library’ area located in the app’s bottom right corner. Then select ‘Utilities,’ which is one of the options at the top of your screen’s interface. Simply scroll down to the “Create New” list of options to find the cinematic photo area.

Once there, touch on the cinematic photographs to choose any image you want to have 3D effects applied to. The 3D effects created by the software will take some time to complete, but once they are, you can store them on your device. Without saving anything, you can also just watch as the foreground images move across the screen.

This gives still images some life and makes them a little more engaging to look at. In response to user demand, Google Photo is making this capability accessible to the public. Most people will undoubtedly use this function to give their photos a more dramatic feel.

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